Bluetooth Call Women Smart Watch Full Touch Fitness IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch

Bluetooth Call Women Smart Watch Full Touch Fitness IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch

Bluetooth Call Women Smart Watch Full Touch Fitness IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch

Quality is the first with best service. Customers all are our friends. 1.1.43AMOLED full-screen touch for call 2. More than 100 exquisite dials, APP can push dials.

Customize dials, place photos 4. The screen is always on, Bedside lamp 5. Battery life: 260mAh high-capacity polymer battery; standby time 30 days, normal use 5-7 days, wireless charging time: 2 hour 6. Heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, blood pressure, stress test, breathing training 7. Support localized UI languages in 22 countries 8.

Support IP68 waterproof level 9. Voice control, Gaming, NFC 10. Fashionable youth, taking into account both men and women.

Chinese, English, German, Russian, Portugal, Spain, French, Japanese, Arabic, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Hebrew, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Thai, Vietnam, Finland, Romania, Türkiye, Croatia. Ultra thin body I 1.43 inch high-definition color screen ultra-low power consumption I screen is always on Dial push I Multiple sport modes I Bluetooth call. 1.1.43 AMOL ED Ultra clear Large Screen 466 466 2. Rotate the button to switch quickly Happy experience 3.

Multiple menu modes, You can choose 4. Heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring Above wrist health butler 5. Various fine dials You can choose 6. Multiple sports modes Exercise with you. 1.43 inch AMOLE full circle HD large screen with a resolution of 466 466.

Give you a bigger and clearer visual experience, a highly sensitive touch screen, and a new generation of mirrors Toughened glass material is more resistant to scratching and abrasion, which brings unique. From Material to Appearance Further upgrading of scientific and technological aesthetics.

The titanium alloy integrated watch body, with strong line cutting, exudes the resolute charm, Whether fashionable sports or business leisure, it is your life attitude. Favorite menu style, switching freely, matching freely, high-performance processor Every interface can be smooth to "fly".

Various dials be full of wit and humour. Massive dials are constantly updated online, and you can choose any one in the APP at will. The dials you like are increased, fashionable and customized, and do not duplicate every day! Can't find something you like? Don't worry, there is a custom dial.

As long as you like, you can fit watches all over the world Whether it is scenery, portrait or cute pet, it can be set as a dial for exclusive customization. More than 70 countries, Stock information. Support the United States, China, Britain, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam. Data from more than 70 stock exchanges in multiple countries around the world.

Whenever and wherever possible View the world clock. The watch supports checking the world clock, and you can check the time all over the country at any time, Convenient and fast. HD call Make a call. Talk and dial through your watch, whether talking or driving Free your hands anytime, anywhere, and let communication be more free.

The unique constant light function of AMOLED can also be on in standby mode. Display time, lower energy consumption than ordinary TFT screen and IPS screen Longer standby time, always on display all day, Time management is faster.

Full speed operation Powerful performance. Powerful performance and high efficiency thanks to low- power chip Operation and low consumption computing bring a more pleasant use experience. 7-day long endurance One time charging, lasting standby.

260mAh large capacity battery and intelligent power consumption algorithm are adopted, Maximize power usage. PPG biological tracking optical sensor, which can conveniently measure body temperature, heart rate Blood oxygen, blood pressure, and female physiological cycle management, Know your health anytime, anywhere. Continuous sincerity rate Always care about your heart. Low power optical chip is used to continuously measure the sincerity rate under the working condition of the sensor Realize lower power consumption calculation, and all data can be viewed in APP at a glance. Heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen. Keep healthy at all times Intelligent detection and evaluation of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen status, leaving the traditional time-consuming and laborious methods, You can monitor your body changes anytime and anywhere through your watch. Sleep monitoring Rejuvenate and meet new challenges. Watch supports all-weather sleep monitoring Deep and shallow sleep at night can be monitored and recorded. Multiple sports modes It knows everything you want to play.

Multiple sports modes, It knows everything you want to play. Multiple exercise modes, which can monitor the heart rate. Distance, heat consumption and other important data, unlock different sports skills, Better performance. Professional sports data analysis Scientific motion data.

Wear these smart watches with bright colors and simple operation, and live a colorful life. Life, actively achieving personal goals, recording and all data. Such as steps, calories, distance, time and heart rate. The function of the watch is new and online. Once you touch the access card, lift your wrist to open the door. AI intelligent voice Special assistant on wrist. AI voice command, connecting Bluetooth, using the watch voice assistant function. Just give instructions and say goodlbye to the tedious. Shock alert Message can be seen by raising wrist. Support music control and music playing You can control music playing through Bluetooth. Make life more convenient Make work more efficient. Breathing exercise, exercise monitoring, answering calls, making calls, Do Not Disturb mode. Multi application, leap on wrist. Alarm clock, long sitting reminder, drinking reminder, stopwatch, weather and other rich functions, Watch display. IP68 Professional waterproof and dustproof. Waterproof and dust-proof design, can be worn normally in daily rain, hand washing and cold shower. Unable to prevent water vapor, easy to deal with daily life scenes.

FAQ Q:How the watch links to the app A:There is a QR code on the manual. Open Bluetooth connected watch in APP Q:Does the watch have a call alert Information reminder? A: After the watch is linked to the mobile APP, The watch has information reminder, call reminder Q:Is the watch waterproof? Q:Does your store support direct sales? (wholesale) A:This store supports wholesale.

Bluetooth Call Women Smart Watch Full Touch Fitness IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch

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